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Drill Source has a comprehensive range of new and used drilling rigs and drilling equipment for sale.

Our database of new and used drilling rigs and drilling equipment is constantly being updated to provide up-to-date information on the equipment that we currently have available for sale.

If the equipment you are looking for is not on these pages, please contact us directly as it is very likely we will have the details in our main database or know where to source it from.

Do you have drilling equipment to sell?

  • At Drill Source, we are always looking for good late model drilling rigs, compressor, booster, pump or other drilling equipment.
  • We are currently looking for:- RC, RAB, diamond core, water well, drill-blast, geotechnical, oil field  / work-over and other modes of drill rigs or compressors, boosters, pumps, rod sloops, track carriers or trucks.
  • Do you have something to sell? List with Drillsource on the site today!

Why use Drill Source?

  • As a broker, our fee is a percentage of the selling/buying fee.
  • Drill Source don’t buy equipment for resale like a dealer to make big profits.
  • Over 35 years of drilling industry experience
  • Experienced in industrial marketing of drilling equipment.

Check our listings. If the drill rig you want is not listed. Contact us with the details.

We get results on new and used equipment sales!!!

Drill Source offer a Certified Valuation service for a single drill rig or a full fleet of drilling rigs and equipment or company valuations.

Telephone: Australia +61 86424 8200

Telephone: Indonesia +62 8113 929 665


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