Foam Plug A & B - Sino Mud
  • Foam Plug A & B - Sino Mud

Foam Plug A & B – Sino Mud

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Product Description

Drill Source is proud to represent Sino Mud Drilling Fluids Indonesia.

Foam Plug A&B is a two-component low density rigid foams which is a lost circulation material for plugging application.

As function, it has an usability for Cement & Grouting Additives.

Cost-effective lost circulation material
Easy to use
Fast reaction

Used for plugging cavities in thief zones
Stabilize loose unconsolidated surface formations
Application for cementing in and sealing collar pipe

Recommended Treatment

Foam Plug A&B are measured and mixed in equal amounts by volume. The mixture is poured into a container, then mix and expand many times original volume and develop a uniform cell structure, then developing handling strength and full cure.

The other name of Foam Plug A & B which known in Drilling Industries is Eco Grip A&B.

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