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Liquid Thinner THN – Sino Mud

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Product Description

Drill Source is proud to represent Sino Mud Drilling Fluids Indonesia

THN is a highly efficient and concentrated thinner to removes bentonite clays from the drillstring and reduce drilling fluids viscosity. THN immediately affects the rheology of most drilling fluids.

As function, it has several usability for Industry & Application, CBM & Geothermal, HDD & TBM & Construction, Mining, Water Well, Flocculants & Dispersants, Lubricants & Cutting Oils.

Functions at all pH levels
Immediate thinning action
More cost-effective than traditional thinners
Safe to use on most plastics, rubber and metals
Reduces gel strength to drop out solids
Thermally stable in excess of 177°C
Can reduce pumping costs

Recommended Treatment:
Add THN in concentrations of 4. to 5.0 liters per 1000 liters to drilling fluids. Thinning: Slowly add THN to the mud as needed to reduce viscosity.

Some other names of THN which known in Drilling Industries are Liquid-Sperse, Clay Break, Liquid Sperse, Super Thin, Aqua-Clear PFD

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