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Lubricant TUBE LUBE – Sino Mud

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Product Description

Drill Source is proud to represent Sino Mud Drilling Fluids Indonesia

Tube Lube is an amber colored opaque paste lubricant which can be used in mining, drilling operations as Core Lubricant.

As function, it has several usability for Industry & Application, Mining, Grease, Lubricants & Cutting Oils.

Effective in fresh water, salt water, and brine-based fluids
Controls fluid loss
Inhibits hydratable, swelling shale
Environmentally compatible
Does not require a bactericide
Easily mixed into low shear environment

Recommended Treatment:
As aid in core recovery: Smeared Tube Lube inside the bottom of the inner tube before it is inserted into the drill rods. Also can be used to the core lifter parts.
As a cleaning solution for drill rig components: Mix5 liters of Linseed Soap lubricant per m3 of water.

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