Viscosifier CX TROL
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Viscosifier CX TROL – Sino Mud

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Product Description

Drill Source is proud to represent Sino Mud Drilling Fluids Indonesia.

Viscosifier CX TROL is a premium grade purified high viscosity, high molecular weight versatile blend of cellulosic and organic polymer, used as an effective viscosifier and reduce fluid loss to water-based drilling fluids. SINOMUD Viscosifiers CX TROL will not fish-eye and has been designed to disperse rapidly into any make-up water, even when only basic mixing equipment is available. Viscosifiers CX TROL can be used with SINOMUD Bentonite CX GEL, SINOMUD Drilling Polymer CHP and SINOMUD Drilling Polymer SUPER POLY to give a complete core recovery fluid that is solids free.

As function, it has several usability for Industry & Application, CBM & Geothermal, HDD & TBM & Construction, Mining, Drilling Polymer, Water Well, Filtrate Control Agents, and Viscosifiers

Function of SINOMUD Viscosifiers CX TROL:
Disperse readily in water, even with low shear
Effective in fresh, salt and brackish water-based drilling fluids
Efficiently improve filtration control, effective at low concentrations
Encapsulate shale particles to inhibit swelling and dispersion
Function over a wide range of salinity, hardness and PH levels
Compatible with other drilling fluids additives, environmental
Dosage:0.5 to 3.0kg/m³
Package: 15kg/drum

Advantages of SINOMUD Viscosifiers CX TROL:
Effective in fresh water, salt water, and brine-based fluids
Controls fluid loss
Inhibits hydratable, swelling shale
Environmentally compatible
Does not require a bactericide
Easily mixed into low shear environment

Recommended Treatment:
Add CX TROL in concentration of 1.4 to 5.7 kg/m³ (0.5 to 2.0 lb/bbl) to any active system. Mix slowly through a jet mixer or sift slowly into thevortex of a high-speed stirrer.

Some other names of SUPER GEL which known in Drilling Industries are Aus Trol, Ezee Trol, Lampac NFE-R, Rel-Pac, Quick-Trol

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