Hanjin DB45D (Ref No 4936)

Hanjin DB24D Doosan 6 cylinder turbo 15.7m Range 2 mast with dump 47 ton pull back 5.5m stroke 4 speed rotary head (0-1000 Rpm) 8000 lbs torque Pull back winch 30m x 19 mm cable 17 ton Wireline winch 2500m x 8 mm cable 1 ton 375 mm work table opening Work lights AL 1122 water pump 800 l/min @ 1000 psi Rod presenter Foot clamps Mounted on a Sola 220LC crawler baseHanjin DB25 PCR crawler base 1276 hours since new Hydraulically elevating platform to give 3m clearanceHanjin DB15CR track base 3688 hours Hydraulically elevating platform giving 3m clearanceBOP 13-5/8” stack Integrated 9” annual 2 x 9” rams 9” mud cross 7-1/16” Torus annular BOP7,000 ltr mud mixing / desanding system complete with walkways and handrails.String of 4.5” drill pipeRange of elevators, subs x/overs.Bein