Multi purpose rotation head -SMA2000-11

SMA2000-11 is a 2 speed heavy duty rotation head for multi purpose and diamond core drills.The SMA2000-11 drill head is a designed for heavy duty diamond core drilling, multi purpose drilling where control over the rotation speed is essential.With case hardened gears and shafts, this head delivers reliability that is demanded in the harsh drilling industry today.Rated at 800m PQ 1,200m HQ 2,000m NQRatio 3:1 ( Other ratios available 7:1 and 5:1) Low 675 Rpm - 1,494Nm Torque Hi 1,071 Rpm - 2,367Nm TorqueSpindle - Floating with 3-1/2” API IF Pin 4140 pre hardened 30 HRCGears SCM415 hardened to 45HRCCase mild steel laser cutCase dimensions 740 x 485 x 695mm Approx weight 795kg (including hydraulic motor) Positive displacement oil lubrication pump and oil filter Oil sight glass