DS 100 (Ref No 4969)

DS100 Skid mounted multi purpose Yanmar 15hp single cylinder diesel 2.4m stroke Pull back 1000kg Manual mast lift (optional hydraulic) Rotation head with hollow spindle Rotation speed 0-950 rpm (optional rotation motors) Haul winch 1650kg pull 20m x 12mm Wireline 120m x 6mm Full safety guardsNQ 100m, PWQ 70mDimensions - L 3.2m, H 1.45 (Folded) Width 800mm Weight 520kgsOptional Man portable availableThe DS100 is an ideal rig for those shallow site investigations, water well or core drilling programs. Being simplistic in design and give low capital start up costs compared to other similar rigs, makes the DS100 an ideal addition to your drilling fleet.